book review: king city (vol. 1)

King City is about a slacker criminal who’s returned to his stomping grounds with a cat that is like a magical superintelligent multitool. He steals a key and then people end up dead while he reacquaints himself with his old home and his friends.

It’s not bad. There’s lots of good weirdness to the city that keeps it feeling good and cartoony. It’s kind of similar to Street Angel in its sort of gonzo approach to a weird world, but is told in a much less dense fashion.

book review: street angel

Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca’s comic Street Angel is about an eighth-grade homeless girl who is a badass ninja skateboarder. The stories are about her beating the hell out of people who underestimate her and saving the city from mad scientists and Aztec gods who’ve brought pirates forward through time. There’s an Irish astronaut who became fluent in Australian for ease of alien contact. There’s a one-armed no-legged skateboarder Jesse (the Street Angel) is friends with, but who won’t do the Fastball Special, no matter how much she wants to.

It’s all kind of insane and hella foul-mouthed and violent. There are some really great spreads of chaos, especially in the Afrodisiac story. I wouldn’t recommend it to every teen, but for the right reader, this’d make an excellent gateway to alternative comics. (Also, this is not a very accurate depiction of being a homeless orphan, just to be clear.)