book review: the one hundred nights of hero

Isabel Greenberg’s The One Hundred Nights of Hero is a comic of linked folktales in a Scheherazade-esque kind of structure. Two shitty old men engage in a bet that one can’t seduce the other’s wife in one hundred nights and to deflect the lecherous powerful asshole she gets her lover/maid to tell them stories. The stories are about murder and the moon and strong sisters and magic pebbles (two of them) and there’s a 12 dancing princesses story in there that turns out a bit differently.

I enjoy Greenberg’s drawing style and the flattening of perspective that make the art fit the tales that feel home told and passed along (much like the stories in the story are passed along). Highly recommended.

book review: 1001 nights of snowfall

I may have to hand in my comic book nerd card, but I haven’t read Bill Willingham’s Fables. The series is about all these immortal fairy-tale characters living in modern New York and it’s supposed to be great. But there a re a lot of books and I feel like if I start buying them I won’t be able to stop. But 1001 Nights of Snowfall was a great book for me. It’s set a few hundred years before the present with Snow White playing Scheherazade and telling stories. Each story was illustrated by a different artist and they were generally pretty awesome tales about characters you know. Like how Snow White dealt with the dwarves afterwards and how it almost caused a major diplomatic incident, or what a good selfless king Cole was. And then in the end Snow White gives Scheherazade the idea to tell stories.