book review: hilda and the bird parade

Hilda and the Bird Parade is the sequel to Luke Pearson’s Hilda and the Midnight Giant. In this one, Hilda and her mother are living in town, and Hilda’s kindness doesn’t really help her make any friends among her peers. She gets lost in the confusing streets with a bird suffering from amnesia, worrying her poor mother to death (not actually to death).

Another beautiful story, though a bit less impressive than the first one, it’s exactly the kind of comic I want in our library to be putting in kids’ hands.

book review: hilda and the midnight giant

Luke Pearson’s Hilda and the Midnight Giant is a beautiful comic. It’s a story about a little girl and her mom who live out far from town, and are being harassed by anonymous messages telling them to leave. And Hilda is pretty sure there’s a giant as tall as a mountain out watching them. Hilda does not want to go live in the nasty old town so she tries to negotiate with the tiny invisible people who live in their area and want her and her mother gone.

It’s cartoony with a purplish palette, and Hilda is clever and cute and makes perfect use of her fantastical world. The negotiation with the different layers of invisible government is all kinds of awesome. It works as a story about colonialism and who gets to live where too.