book review: zita the spacegirl

Ben Hatke’s Zita the Space Girl: Far From Home is a great science fictional kids comic. Zita and Joseph find a big red button in a field. Zita presses it and Joseph gets sucked through a vortex. Then she summons up her courage and presses it again to go after him. They’ve both ended up on an asteroid filled with aliens (and robots), some of whom speak English. The asteroid is going to be destroyed by a comet in three days though, so they need to get out of there. Joseph has been kidnapped and taken to a castle to be imprisoned and Zita gathers up her resources to go find and rescue him. She makes allies and gets betrayed and eventually everything works out pretty well.

There’s nothing crazy complex going on with the plot, but the characterization is fun. There’s a war-bot that likes to tell stories of his escapades (much like warship in The Culture novels) and a giant mouse who doesn’t speak but prints out little messages from his collar. The art is cute and the story moves really quickly. I liked it a lot.

book review: sleeper (season 2)

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips’ Sleeper: Season Two picks up where Season One left off, with Holden working for “the bad guys” but now as a pawn caught between his boss and his former boss who’s out of the coma that left Holden out in the cold as a deep cover agent.

Both of the bosses are master manipulators and this book has a different feel than the first collection, which was more fun, I think. It’s more about Holden trying to find a path out from between the two sides, neither of which can really be said to have any concern for him as a human being. There are schemes and betrayals and it ends really well.

There’s a bit more integration with the Wildstorm universe in this book, but since I’ve never read any Wildcats comics, I didn’t have any previous connections with the supers involved. Everyone is used as pawns anyway, and not many of those get out alive.

book review: double down (the losers vol. 2)

As I noted in my last review of The Losers, I read this series all out of order, but still enjoyed it. Double Down is book 2 in the five book series and it has big action-movie sequences and good A-Team type hijinks, as one would expect. This volume deals with the immediate aftermath of the huge oil refinery bust-up and the betrayal by Roque at the end of the first volume.