Quasi-literally, a librarianaut is a sailor of books. At its best the term suggests a librarian dedicated to exploration. A wanderer with a satchel of books, looking for something new.

There’s a bit of a contradiction there, as exploring the physical world is done best with naught but a few essential tools, otherwise travelling lightly. Librarians tend to have books. Many many books. This can impede them. But a travelling librarian who pares down her library (or goes digital) for convenience’s sake is almost a librarian-not-at-all.

Hence the punny title.

The Categories used on the site may be a touch unintuitive. The Library category is about working in a library, going to library school (also under School) or talking about broader library issues, not a library of my reviews or what have you.

If something is in the Review category, that means I’m talking about some form of media that you could theoretically find in a library (possibly only in the future). These are not lengthy weighty reviews for the most part, but a reaction. Think of it more like a travelogue telling you where the librarianaut’s been recently, as opposed to a full on gazetteer.

Most reviews will also fall into one of the media categories, Books, Comics, Zines, eBooks, Movies, or TV. Those categories have overlap, especially between Comics and Books. The reason almost all the Comics are tagged as Books as well is a legitimizing move on my part to make sure that people interested in book reviews do also see the books with pictures. There are more general posts within these categories that are not straight up reviews as well.

In the sidebar you’ll see links to items of interest from around the internet.

I hope that clarifies things a bit. If you are curious about some of the blog’s policies, check the on Opinions page.