librarians on the radio with irvine welsh promo blurb

Happy Freedom to Read Week (FTRW) all y’all.

To celebrate intellectual freedom, on the next episode of Librarians on the Radio, librarian Jason Kuffler is going to be interviewing Irvine Welsh (of Trainspotting fame) about the writer’s experience of censorship (and he’ll talk about his new book, because, you know, capitalism). We’ll also have a “Banned in Guantanamo Bay” Bookfight and a discussion of whether it’s even possible to talk about Freedom to Read when we’re talking about ebooks. It is going to be so good.

You can listen live February 23 at 11am Pacific time on CHLY’s website (if you happen to be in Nanaimo, CHLY is 101.7 FM). If you miss it live we’ll also be putting the recording up on the Librarians on the Radio archive page (hopefully by Wednesday morning).

If the show isn’t up on the website by the time you check, please check out the Librarians Off the Radio web-exclusive content as kind of a teaser. We had too many librarians who wanted to record stuff for FTRW to fit in the hour we get in the studio, so we made a half-hour episode of pure reading/discussing challenged books.

Making radio/podcasts for this new job is totally my favourite thing I get to do, so I hope you enjoy the stuff we’re making.

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