book review: the wise man’s fear

The Wise Man’s Fear is the sequel to Patrick Rothfuss’ The Name of the Wind. It remains a solid fantasy story, though it feels a bit more generic as it goes along. Kvothe hunts bandits and goes to the faerie realm and becomes a badass fighter in an exotic school with different cultural norms around sec, along with his magickal university exploits. There’s not much crazily new to this story compared to any other high fantasy kind of thing based on someone’s D&D campaign.

But Rothfuss just writes it all really well. The dialogue is great. The situations are more realistic and well-detailed versions of things you see in lesser books. I’ve gotten a little frustrated with the breakneck pace of how much has happened in three years of Kvothe’s life, but whatever. You don’t read a fantasy novel for its boring people I guess.

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