book review: the ghosts of belfast

The Ghosts of Belfast is the kind of book that would be a fine movie. It’s about an old former terrorist killing the people who made him kill people when he was an active terrorist. It’s told pretty straightforwardly and is a quick read. It’s more of a gangster story than a mystery as we follow Fegan trying to put his ghosts to rest. There’s a love interest and an undercover cop trying to keep a lid on the politics of these killings. In general that’s the main thrust of the story, doing things right when politics make it much easier to do something else.

It’s short and has a good hook and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a movie version of it someday. It didn’t blow me away with any cool twists or anything. I’m trying to find something really good in that vein that I can recommend to people who love the supermarket authors. This is kind of close.

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