book review: deadenders

Deadenders is a science fiction comic about a young drug-dealer in a poor zone of the city after an unspecified Cataclysm. It’s a shitty place with not a lot of opportunity. Travel between the zones is strictly controlled, and while the crappy areas get darkness and smog, the artificial weather in the rich sectors means a life of (fake) sparkly sunshine. There are lots of scooter races.

I read this because it was written by Ed Brubaker, whose crime stuff I love. This was okay, but I feel like it could have used an extra layer of Morrison-esque mindfuckery. One thing I appreciated was the succession of relationships Beezer goes through in the story. His beginning girlfriend leaves him and tells her story herself. It was a little disjointed throughout but as a whole, it worked. I almost feel like this was a book that would have been better as floppies than in the trade paperback form.

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