book review: life sucks

Life Sucks is a comic about a vampire named Dave who has a crush on a goth girl in Los Angeles. He works a shitty job on the night shift at a convenience store owned by his vampire master, an old-school Romanian vampire who lost his fortune in the dot com bust.

I liked the world-building and the pseudo-realistic look at the logistics of being a vampire in the modern day and how it’s different from the romantic ideal. The disillusionment of the wannabe vampires is not as forceful as it is in Preacher, though. The story itself doesn’t move very quickly, which I suppose is thematic and resonates with anyone wasting his or her potential (Dave’s very aware that being a vampire could be way better than his situation is) working a dead-end job. It’s 186 pages and could be just as good if it was half that.

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