working east

On Saturday I head to Ontario to interview Canadian librarians who’ve been involved with IFLA. While I’m not looking forward to transcribing these interviews, it’s all kinds of neat that we got grant money to send me to talk to people. I probably wouldn’t have been aware of the intricacies of high-level organizational politics without this project.

While I’m gone (till the 27th of June) I’ve actually got two other jobs I’ll be working on as well. One of them is a professional experience project, which will be fulfilling my final three credits of my MLIS. It’s a project combining YA services and techy WordPress hosting/moderation stuff, so kind of a perfect storm for my abilities and interests.

The last job I’ve got, and the one I’m being paid for is creating videos on topics like “How to make a book trailer” and “Reference interviews with teens.” We’ve got people in another department at UBC providing good equipment and technical knowhow so my main job is supposed to be scripting and storyboarding, but I’m going to be able to sneak in at least a book trailer or two as well, I hope.

I finished up my last class on Thursday and now the rest of the summer is a (busy) victory lap. I’m pretty excited about it. And hopeful I’ll be able to parlay all this experience into a job for September somehow.

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