book review: burger wuss

Burger Wuss is a young adult revenge tale by M.T. Anderson. I’ve read his science fiction before (see Feed) and loved it.

This one isn’t sf, but contemporary fiction in which our hero gets a job at a fast-food enterprise to get back at the jerk who stole his girlfriend. There are shenanigans, makeouts, a horribly ill-advised softball game and unsympathetic adult characters. It all works and Anderson is again, really good at the voice. I like listening to the narrator even when he’s fucking up.

Also, I know good YA books aren’t preachy, and generally I dislike books with “messages” but I really like how one of the big takeaways from the book is [SPOILER ALERT] that everyone makes choices and girlfriends don’t get stolen like a pair of pants. It’s not done in afterschool special style, it’s just there.

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