book review: seven sons

My friend Jamie did a paper on the different versions of this Chinese folk tale sometimes called Five Chinese Brothers, in which these identical brothers have superpowers that help them survive a town that’s bent on killing them. Seven Sons is an adaptation of the story set in the American old west in a California gold mining town.

In this version the seven brothers (who are nameless) live outside town with their mother and most people in town think there’s only one of them. When a couple of kids end up dead even though a brother tries to save them a mob forms and tries to take revenge, but their powers and that of their mother interfere.

Framing all of this is a story of a graffiti artist who escaped into a shop and is old this version of the story as “the real one.” And then the afterword goes into a nice explanation of the different versions of the folk tale. It’s all very layered and I was really impressed with the story. The art is this roughly inked style that feels like it could have come out of that time, but done with calligraphy brushes. I quite enjoyed it, especially with the priming of hearing about Jamie’s work doing this research.

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