book review: hicksville

Hicksville is a comic by Dylan Horrocks about comics and their creators in all their weird diversity. It’s amazeballs.

There are a lot of stories going on here, but they all circle around the fact that Leonard Batts has showed up in Hicksville, New Zealand to do research on Dick Burger, an international superhero comics magnate from the town. Nobody in the town wants to talk about Dick. And there’s Sam, a local comics creator (though everyone in Hicksville is a comics aficionado) who’s been fired from his last job for not being funny enough. There are more people too, including characters in everyone’s comics.

Huge chunks of story are told in minicomics by the characters involved (including Sam’s trip to LA where he’s given the opportunity to sell out), and there are scenes from the Captain Tomorrow comics, and there’s this crazy historical comic about New Zealand being pulled into the Southern hemisphere that dogs Leonard wherever he goes. In the end Leonard stumbles on THE GREATEST LIBRARY IN THE WORLD (emphasis mine).

The whole thing deals with comics as an art form, as a way of making a living, as movie-fodder, as fiercely debated local gossip. If you care at all about comics you should really really read this. I can’t believe it took me this long to do it.

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