book review: too far gone (walking dead vol 13) & the rise of the governor

I read Too Far Gone in trade paperback form instead of waiting for the larger hardbound book that The Walking Dead also gets collected in. I think I see the value in endings for stories. The Walking Dead is supposed to be an ongoing tale of survival in a world with zombies. The thing about a story set in that world is that everything seems to happen over and over again. It’s interesting because most stories don’t do that. This book is about trying to restart a semblance of society in a little walled-community when Rick’s crew is so PTSDed out it’s not funny.

And that’s the thing. At this point there’s not a lot of story arc going on any more, which is more realistic, but less satisfying to read. Rick is having leadership pushed on him again for coming into this community and changing it. It’s fine, just, it feels kind of the same. Again, I may be coming down with some sort of zombie fatigue.

I also tried reading Kirkman’s novel The Walking Dead: The Rise of the Governor, but it was not doing anything for me so I abandoned it after they left their gated community. I’d been hoping for more background on how the zombie apocalypse started, but the book only started as the internet and TV stations were going off the air.

4 thoughts on “book review: too far gone (walking dead vol 13) & the rise of the governor

    • Thank you for confirming my suspicions and not telling me to stick it out. I have enough good stuff to read. (What made the ending mind-bogglingly stupid?)

      • *major spoilers* The tough, angry brother who you know throughout the entire book as the man who would become The Governor dies… and the wimpy brother takes over his persona for some poorly explained reason and becomes the villainous Governor from the comics. So really in the comics, that’s not his daughter, it’s his niece.

      • Huh. I was wondering if there was some kind of fakeout going on with the wimpy brother but didn’t care enough to stick with it. Thank you for the spoilage.

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