book review: the kurosagi corpse delivery service (vol. 1)

The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service is a manga series by Eiji Ohtsuka and Housui Yamazaki about a group of Buddhist students who, well, dispose of corpses. Not just in a mortuarial sense, but in the getting the dead their closure kind of sense. The main character can speak with the dead and find out why they are restless. Another guy is like a dowser for corpses. One girl was trained in embalming in the States (evidently it’s not a common practice in Japan). There’s a kid with a puppet channeling alien voices.

The stories aren’t bad. They feel very manga like in the broad strokes the characters are painted in. I think my favourite story in this volume was the old woman in a cabinet they carried all over the place until they found a monk who’d made an urban version of Dendari Fields, from an old poem. That story worked much better than the guy who was cutting bodies up and stitching them into patchwork creatures for the sake of a campfire tale.

One thought on “book review: the kurosagi corpse delivery service (vol. 1)

  1. Hey! great review! very in-depth and straight to the heart of the story. I recently wrote a manga one-shot myself called “Stelle”. It plays on the classical character Dante Aligheri and his encounters in the inferno during the great poem the Devine Comedy. I have it up for sell on Amazon…but, just for feedback, I’d love to get you a downloadable copy via email for you to review!!! If you could/want to do this, please let me know as it could help greatly in my quest for manga/anime/graphic novel dominance! Thanks! cheers!

    Shoot me an email!

    lefabeurcostigan at gmail dot com

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