book review: hark! a vagrant

Kate Beaton has been making silly comics about history (and other things) for years on the web. There was a self-published volume of her webcomics, but last year Beaton had a huge hit with her Drawn & Quarterly book Hark! A Vagrant.

Part of the awesomeness about Kate Beaton’s comics is the modern perspective on history. She’s Canadian and has fun with Canadian stereotypes. The jokes aren’t huge and don’t rely on clever wordplay so much as they do on the situations these people find themselves in. It is all very silly, but excellent.

I especially love the Mystery Solving Teens (who behave much more like teens than the Hardy Boys ever did) and the way adults react to them.

If you aren’t reading Hark! A Vagrant already and you like jokes and history you really need to get this book.

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