book review: the bullpen gospels

Baseball is the sport I care about and I remember being a kid and having the astounding realization that ball players might actually eat and poop. The Bullpen Gospels: Major League Dreams of a Minor League Veteran is a good book to help a person get over thinking of them as demigods.

I’ve followed Dirk Hayhurst on Twitter since just before he went to Tampa Bay from Toronto. He’s a baseball player, a relief pitcher, but he’s kind of interesting to follow. This book isn’t about his time in the major leagues but about a season in High A and Double A ball. It’s a great story and isn’t about exposing the seamy underbelly of baseball or anything, but about the humanness of baseball players. There are lots of bus exploits and practical jokes but also some of the logistical stuff like how spring training works for the guys who aren’t going to get a big league job. Very interesting stuff.

It’s got a motivational subtext to it, but isn’t preachy as it could be with his alcoholic brother and father who doesn’t say he’s proud of Dirk’s accomplishments. It’s an interesting memoir about being a baseball player who might not make it and how baseball is just a game.

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