book review: batwoman elegy

Batwoman: Elegy is a comic giving us the origin and backstory of Batwoman. This is before the whole New 52 thing so I don’t know how much has changed since. Greg Rucka writes the story and it’s fine, but not excellent like his Gotham Central stuff was. J.H. Williams III used a bunch of interesting page layouts throughout the book that made the fights seem less by-the-numbers but a little more difficult to follow, as the tradeoff usually goes.

The story is about a cult of crime that had already tried to kill Batwoman and now they’ve got a new leader. Batwoman fights her and we learn about her background. She and Renee Montoya had a past relationship (neither of them in costume). She’s got a good backstory and reason to be a crimefighter, and the dynamic with her father who helps her is pretty good too. It was all pretty good superhero stuff, nothing spectacular.

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