book review: friends with boys

Faith Erin Hicks first published Friends With Boys as a webcomic, which is how I read it. It’s a great story about Maggie, a homeschooled girl heading to high school (in Nova Scotia). She’s not alone there; her three older brothers went through the same transition, but somehow it all seems different. And she’s being haunted by a silent ghost.

The story is about Maggie making friends and dealing with the aftermath of relationships other people have left for her to stumble over, including her mother who doesn’t live with the family any more. There’s also interesting discussion of horror movies, ghosts and home-schooling.

I love the black and white art for this book. It’s a great mix of textures. One of my favourite recurring bits is Maggie’s map of the school that gets annotated. I think it only shows up twice, but it’s a great visual for how a person gets used to a place.

Obviously there are comparisons we can make to Anya’s Ghost (which is a little more cartoony in its art and has a very different kind of ghost in its story) and I hope that Hicks’ book gets the same sort of attention and accolades.

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