book review: scene of the crime: little piece of goodnight

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips are a pretty excellent team for comics in the noirish vein. Scene of the Crime: Little Piece of Goodnight is a decent detective story about investigating a woman and her family involvement in a cult.

What I liked best about it was how unglamorous the job of being a private detective was, and the reasons Jack Herriman has for working in that life. There are throwaway lines about how most investigations aren’t very interesting, and Jack’s uncle was a crime scene photographer which helps get him information.

I liked the story, and the backup story that’s also included in the trade paperback. The art was sort of ho-hum. It felt like muddy-coloured late 90s Vertigo stuff, which it was (the TPB came out in 2000, I believe). Nothing crazy ambitious here (there’s much bigger and better Brubaker stuff out there), just a good detective story that feels like it could make a good low budget indie movie.

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