book review: endgame (the losers vol. 5)

I was a little disappointed with Endgame, the final book of The Losers. Not because it lost the big A-Team style action from the previous books, but because Max (the big shadowy bad guy through the story) had such a Lex Luthorish grand plan. It involved creating a new rogue nuclear-armed country on a brand new island in the Persian Gulf who would do what America didn’t have the stomach for any more. Actually, putting it that way it doesn’t sound as silly. I just get stuck on the “brand new island” bit, especially since it was so reminiscent of Superman Returns.

But there was a good amount of exploding and not all of the Losers died. It was a much bigger story than the movie version, and I’m glad I finally read it. Definitely recommended if you like actiony comics without capes and tights.

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