book review: the plague ships (baltimore vol. 1)

Baltimore: The Plague Ships is a companion to Baltimore, or The Steadfast Tin Soldier and the Vampire in full-on comics form.

Lord Baltimore was a soldier in the Great War and in his view, started the plague that has been decimating Europe. While the illustrated novel tells a number of tales of Lord Baltimore, this book focuses on his arrival in a village that a young woman wishes to leave. He kills some vampires and they set to sea and have to deal with a whole lot of fungus zombies. We also see the story of his family after his return from the war and the origin of his revenge quest (which I believe is also in the illustrated novel).

Ben Stenbeck does the art, apart from the covers, so it’s not quite the super-chunky, black-filling-the-page Mike Mignola work throughout, but it’s got a great palette for a horror comic that does a great job of setting mood and punctuating it with stylized gore. Very good stuff.

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