book review: daytripper

Jamie, one of my library school friends, recommended Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba’s graphic novel Daytripper as something I’d probably really like. I really did.

It’s the story of Bras, an obituary writer who’s the son of a famous writer, at a bunch of different stages in his life. They’re told out of sequence though, the first story being when he’s 32 but others in his 20s and 40s and 11, I think. The thing is that each issue (when they were single issues, but this version is a collected trade paperback) ends with him dying. Each one has a short obituary of him, written by him.

There’s friendship, father issues, stuff about being a writer and finding your own voice. It’s a beautiful book, seeing all the different ways a life could end and what happens when it doesn’t.

One thought on “book review: daytripper

  1. Thanks for the recommendation from a recommendation that may earn another recommendation because it sounds like something I’d like! If you’ve reviewed anything relating to magical realism or political allegories, I’d love to check those out too! 🙂

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