book review: tanglewreck

I didn’t really like Jeanette Winterson’s children’s book Tanglewreck. It’s about a young girl, Silver, who has to find The Timekeeper because the world is being subjected to Time Tornadoes and other anomalies that are fraying the fabric of space-time. There are a couple of villains who want to use Silver to find it. One uses magic and one uses science.

There’s a side story of a couple of thugs searching her house (which is called Tanglewreck) that seems pointless, and there’s a veneer of quantum physics slapped on the notions of time, but they feel like very unconcerned with science interpretations. And [spoiler alert] one character escapes death in a black hole because “love is faster than the speed of light.” It seemed like such clumsy phrasing trying to reveal some great truth. In the end Silver is clever the way the story needs her to be and she’s in 11-year-old love with a boy who lives underground.

All in all a very meh book. Read A Wrinkle in Time instead.

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