book review: anya’s ghost

Vera Brosgol wrote and drew Anya’s Ghost so well it’s widely regarded as one of the best graphic novels of 2011. I see no reason to disagree with this wide recognition I will not provide evidence of. (Okay fine: Here’s evidence she’s on the YALSA 2011 top ten list. Don’t go expecting anything more than cryptic un-referenced opinions in future reviews.)

The story is about a girl, a Russian immigrant girl in a crappy private school, who falls down a well. As a Haruki Murakami fan I am contractually obligated to love stories featuring wells. True fact. But then in the bottom of the well, Anya finds a ghost, which she brings up to the surface when she’s rescued.

The rest of the story is about her and the ghost and negotiating high school and the usual teen stuff about insecurity and being different. It’s beautifully done. Brosgol’s art is simple and clean and communicative. I heartily recommend it if you like ghost stories.

3 thoughts on “book review: anya’s ghost

  1. Do you read a lot of illustrated/graphic novels? I’m asking because I’ve seen several good reviews of this and want to try it, but I don’t read much stuff with illustrations and I’m worried about being distracted by the pictures. I’m hoping that’s just a silly bias. Is the reading experience just different? Maybe I’m overthinking it. 🙂

    • Well the thing is that in a good graphic novel (which Anya’s Ghost definitely is) that it’s not a matter of the pictures distracting you. They are used to help tell the story. Good communicative artists tell a story with the pictures, so if there were no words you’d still follow what was happening (it would be a different experience, but doable). So yeah, it’s basically just a different reading experience, and it’s one I really enjoy.

      I’d say you should definitely try reading some graphic fiction (and Anya’s Ghost would be a fine place to start if the story sounds like something you’d enjoy).

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