book review: trailers

Trailers, by Mark Kneece, is about Josh, a kid living in a trailer park with a terrible mother and his younger siblings. His mom kills her drug dealer/pimp sort of person at the beginning of the story so Josh buries the body out in the woods. An incredible amount of things happen to him afterwards as a result. Late in the book, he tells the popular girl who’s trying to be his friend that there’s no way she could really understand what he’s going through. Then he lays it all out there and it sounds insane. Not in a wacky kind of way, but in a “Why is life so terrible?” kind of way.

I wasn’t a huge fan of this one, but it wasn’t terrible. The art was a little rougher than I’d have liked and nothing seemed very believable (but that may be me talking from my experience of a much different kind of family).

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