book review: under the jaguar sun

I picked up a copy of Italo Calvino’s Under the Jaguar Sun at a used bookshop the other day when I was buying a birthday present. Evidently it was going to be a collection of stories based on the senses, but Calvino died before it could be finished.

There are only three stories in the book. The first one, the title story, is about taste and is my favourite. It’s about a trip to Mexico and talking about cannibalism and the way you can and can’t share the experience of taste with a person no matter how close you might be.

The second story was called The King Listens and is sort of interesting in how it describes the way a king lives, stuck to his throne. The third was about scent. I can’t remember its title but it was about hunting for a living being by scent, told in three ways. The second and third were more interesting in their technique than story, but the first one was just great.

I have a copy of this book back in Vancouver that I hadn’t read, so this one will be going home with Holly who will probably not be impressed by Calvino’s literary tricks in the latter stories.

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