book review: eragon

And we hit the first book for my SFF course that I really didn’t like. At all. I know Christopher Paolini wrote Eragon when he was fifteen so he can’t really be held up to real standards, but the cliched long-winded drivel that made up the novel set my teeth on edge.

The plot is about a farm-boy in a generic quasi-medieval Europe world who discovers a polished rock that turns out to be a dragon egg. He bonds with the dragon that hatches and then his family is killed and he sets out for vengeance with the old storyteller Brom, who just might be more than he appears. He learns to use magic and he has more power than anyone ever. He also becomes a master swordsman in six months of travelling. He also learns to read. There’s a lot of escaping from the evil Empire, and the book culminates in the battle for a Helm’s Deep clone that’s an undermountain city with plenty of room for his dragon to fly around in.

Characters don’t behave like people, but like fantasy novel automatons. There are some good visuals but they’re amateurish and generic. It’s impressive that a teenager wrote it, but just for the fact of sticking to a thing and finishing it, not for anything it makes you think.

I suppose it’s an okay starter fantasy book for kids. I mean, it’s probably not that much worse than the Dragonlance novels I used to read. But it wouldn’t be my first choice recommendation.

5 thoughts on “book review: eragon

  1. would you review my book when it comes out? it’s The Society On Da Run and it’s about…..SPACE DRAGONS. Yes, it sounds terrible, but it’s surprisingly good and not all of it is about Space Dragons, Please reply 🙂

    • I’m not going to lie and say I’d put a book about Space Dragons at the top of my list, but if you send me a copy, I would most likely read and review it.

  2. The full book won’t be out until 11-11-11, but I got this short version of it that I put out Yesterday (mainly to see how well it does on the ebook market). Yup, I used Smashwords.

    The short version is $2, and is quite long (if you count 20 dragon poems as “long”)

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