sff course reading list

My reading list for this Fantasy & Science Fiction course (I’ll update it with links to the reviews of the books as I read them):

There’s some stuff on there I’ve read before, but not for ages and ages. I remember Interstellar Pig so fondly, and the Graveyard Book is awesome. This is going to be a fun term.

2 thoughts on “sff course reading list

  1. I am shocked –SHOCKED– that there is no Tamora Pierce on here. ALSO, where are the absurdist/fairy-tale-critique novels like Dealing with Dragons?

    I am so happy to see The Hero & the Crown, Redwall, and the Golden Compass.

    I would be very interested to read your thoughts on Tithe. I’m not sure how I feel about Holly Black’s books. I’d love to read a review from someone I know.

  2. You’re absolutely right! No Terry Pratchett either. One of our assignments is to create an introductory booklist for a subgenre so I’ve got some ideas of doing something on the “funny” stuff (from Xanth to Discworld).

    I’m sure I’ll post my thoughts on Tithe here when I’ve read it. It’ll be here in a few weeks.

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