book review: do the work

I am not getting as much writing done as I want. This is usually the case, though right now I feel kind of drained by the constant attention my social media class demands. But I found the time to finish Steven Pressfield’s Do the Work the other day. It’s a book about writing that’s not about craft but about the sheer bloody-mindedness you need to do something creative. It’s the kind of book that tells you to stop reading and start doing, which is the kind of thing that us prone-to-over-analyze folks get stuck in.

I get a little wary of books meant to inspire writers, but Pressfield knows what he’s talking about and I agree with the thesis of his manifesto. I agree with pretty much everything in the book, really, especially this Marianne Williamson quote:

Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people don’t feel insecure around you.

Agreeing with something doesn’t make me much better at following through, however. And the personification of Resistance as the universe actually conspiring against you making anything is a little over the top.

But hell, I want people to make things. I want to make things. If this helps people do it, I’ll take the risk of recommending a somewhat cheerleaderish “inspiring” book.

And of course, blogging about it is not my Work. Which I should go Do.

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