book review: the thrawn trilogy

I read Timothy Zahn’s Star Wars Thrawn novels (Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising, The Last Command) when I was fifteen. This was before the Expanded Universe had become so huge, before the prequels, probably before I really had taste. I spent my weekend reading the adaptation of the novels into comics as The Thrawn Trilogy.

It moved quickly and I liked it a lot better than the prequel movies, but the intricacies get stripped down for something like this, leaving the skeleton of “They go here! Then they’re back! Now they’re betrayed!” a little bare. It’s hard not to see the outline as you read it, if that makes sense. And because it went so quickly it didn’t feel as epic as the novels, which took much longer to read.

I kept waiting for the Kessel Run to be explained, but I was two thirds of the way through before I remembered that was in one of the (inferior) Kevin J Anderson Star Wars trilogies that involved Suncrushers and other stupid stuff that made more of an impression on my young mind. I did remember the Force-blocking Ysalamiri which were in here though

The comic brought back memories of the fuller version and wasn’t bad on its own. I don’t pine for those hours I spent reading it back or anything.

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