book review: storybook love

I’m slowly catching up on Bill Willingham’s Fables series. It really is as good as everyone said. The general concept is that all the fable characters are immortal and have been living in New York since they were chased from storybookland by The Adversary. After Animal Farm (which saw a failed uprising by the more inhuman Fables in their upstate location), the status quo seems ripe for upsetting.

In Storybook Love there are a few stories. One is a caper where a bunch of the Fables, led by Bigby Wolf have to deal with a journalist who’s cottoned onto their “secret.” There’s also a story filled with political machinations (and some romance).

These stories are great. Not as literature dependent or complex as something like League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, but a lot of fun. Who’s a villain and who’s a hero isn’t as easy as remembering the original stories. Willingham does a really good job of making these characters fit their roles, but also develop. Excellent stuff.

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