book review: in brightest day

Green Lantern: In Brightest Day is a collection of classic influential Green Lantern stories selected by Geoff Johns. (In Brightest Day is also the name of the “event” that’s been going on in Green Lantern continuity recently, but this isn’t that.)

As far as collections go, it covers all the different human Lanterns, not just Hal Jordan but Kyle Rayner, John Stewart, Guy Gardner and Alan Scott. It has the first appearance of Sinestro and isn’t a bad bit of background. It doesn’t go into why Hal Jordan went crazy and killed everyone and what happened to him after that. I don’t know if that even happened anymore what with all the continuity punches that seem to be thrown around in the DC multiverse.

One of the reasons it’s good for me to read some of these older stories is to remember why people think comics are terrible. I mean, the writing in those old comics makes me cringe. There’s a reason no one took the medium seriously for so long. It’s good to remember that comics didn’t just start off with sophisticated work like Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns. There were loads of comics that had terrible writing, but still made kids happy to read them.

The best parts of this book were the Tales of the Green Lantern Corps. I love all the other Green Lanterns. The alien guardian thing is really cool and makes for good one-off sfnal stories. Like the Alan Moore tale of Mogo, and Tygers, the backstory to Abin Sur’s demise. Those were excellent.

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