book review: old man logan

I appear to have gone on a superhero kick since coming to Oz. I can’t tell you why. But Wolverine: Old Man Logan by Mark Millar was pretty awesome.

See it’s a ravaged future where all the superheroes have been beaten and supervillains rule what’s left of North America. Logan is a farmer in California, Hulk country where he’s late with the rent on his farm (where he lives with his wife and kids) and is getting beaten up by a bunch of Hulk-hillbilly descendants because he’s taken a vow to never unsheathe his claws again. To get the money to save the farm he goes on a roadtrip with Hawkeye, smuggling drugs in spiderman’s old dune buggy thing.

There’s a lot of stuff that’s just silly, but there’s some awesome (ridiculous) stuff too. “Oh yeah, the midwest is crawling with dinosaurs these days.” I’m sure it’s not a big surprise that Logan does eventually go Snikt! and there is a whole lot of redemptive violence, but the amount of it in the end, geez. They weren’t pulling punches. Logan is a stone-cold murdering machine at the end.

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