schulz library / ccs practicum final thoughts

post-title chosen because obviously I’ll never think about this again

I’m back in Vancouver after two weeks at the Center for Cartoon Studies and yeah, I really loved it. Working in a special library like the Schulz feels like the kind of thing for me. On my last day Caitlin and I were talking about the pros and cons about working for a small organization: the control over your chunk of things, but also the being pressed into other areas that might not be strictly librarianish.

But one of the really cool things is the future of that library. While I was there we received a shipment of preserved (and inventoried) San Francisco newspaper comic pages from the 1920s. Right now there wasn’t a lot of space for this stuff in the library, but creating a real archive for this kind of stuff is one of the projects they’ll be working on. A similar archived illustration project resulted in this book of almost lost pictures of New York by Denys Wortman, collected by James Sturm and Brandon Elston (both of whom I met while I was in town).

There’s room for expansion on the library side of CCS and it’s kind of exciting. Especially since it is in a bit more traditional vein, which is refreshing compared to the library literature being all about digitization. They are looking at doing more app creation and digital business model stuff at the school too – I don’t want to paint the CCS as a bunch of Luddites – but paper and ink is still important in this realm and that’s kind of awesome.

So yes, if you get the chance to intern or something at the Schulz, I’d recommend it whole-heartedly. You get to hang out with cool creative people, put your mitts and eyeballs on awesome materials, and climb ladders attached to the wall that roll around (just like in the movies!).

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