in a limited engagement from white river junction, vermont

I’m finished two terms of library school. Hooray. Now is the time to put the naut in librarianaut and … not take a boat anywhere. But still! In the last 26 hours I crossed the continent and an international border with an ereader full of books and a laptop full of internet to help out and learn stuff at a library full of comics. That’s approaching the kind of vagabond librarian I want to be.

So yes. My two week practicum at the Center for Cartooning StudiesSchulz Library begins tomorrow. I’ve wandered around the town a bit this afternoon and found the CCS and the library (not attached to each other). I stared in the window at the closed library (everyone was at MoCCA in New York this weekend) for a little while and it’s pretty much exactly the kind of space I’d hoped it would be. There are couches and tables and shelves and shelves of comics. We’ll see how the two weeks go (you’ll see too since I plan to be blogging this time a lot more closely than the last few months of school), but I have high hopes.

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