book review: the girl who couldn’t come

For a very long time I avoided sexytimes in books. I wasn’t a stereotypical undersexed housewife so I didn’t need to spend my time on stupid Harlequin romances. (I’m still not and still don’t.) And isn’t writing about sex like doing math about a sunset or something? But Joey Comeau‘s book of sexy short stories, The Girl Who Couldn’t Come, is pretty great and he brought me around to the world of non-degrading/non-stupid sex fiction. (Well, he and Jess Fink.)

These aren’t grand romance stories filled with angst and yearning; they are funny (in that Joey Comeau kind of way) stories filled with sex. He refers to them, well, here’s his description:

This is a book of dirty stories. It is a book where sex is fun and good and people are kind to each other. Also there are ghosts and there is math and there are obsessive compulsive disorders.

These stories are weird and fun and often bewildering, like sex itself.

There’s rough sex (with a trigger warning, which I didn’t know was a thing till reading this book), gay sex, a werewolf and sex with the titular girl who needs to be listening to Johnny Cash’s voice to orgasm. If you are looking for a short collection of smut you can check out a bunch of the stories here.

2 thoughts on “book review: the girl who couldn’t come

  1. I take issue with the assumption that romances published by Harlequin are universally stupid and universally read by stereotypical undersexed housewives — but I’m adding this to my reading list! 🙂

  2. I figured that was a bit you might take issue with. Glad it didn’t taint your opinion of the book too horribly (nor the reviewer).

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