book review: good-bye

Good-bye collects some Yoshihiro Tatsumi comics from the early 1970s. Now, I don’t know a lot about manga, but I’m really interested in how these were received at the time. They’re very sad stories. One is about a man who’s about to retire and knows his wife cheated on him in the past and feels useless and decides to cheat on her and spend all their savings doing it. Another is about a hostess at a club who’s faithful to the man who took her virginity and then went to jail for four years, who tells her he’ll be her pimp when he gets out. Another is about a daughter being pimped by her father to an occupying American soldier. None of them are happy at all. They don’t make you feel good reading them (though not to the extent that Requiem for a Dream makes you feel terrible). But man, I’m glad they exist.

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