book review: collected fictions

My book for October was Jorge Luis Borges’ Collected Fictions. It was the book I returned to amidst all the school reading, when I needed something beautiful to enter my brain. The stories are very short. There are many many knife fights. And labyrinths. And doubles. A few libraries. Some philosophical treatises. Many excellent quotes about art and letters and all of that. The fact that Borges was a librarian does give me hope. Hope that I won’t disappear into a job as I work my way along through this life.

I know a girl who reads the Bible with her boyfriend. Maybe I know several who do this, but I specifically know that this is something this one girl and her boyfriend share. I would never be able to take such a practice seriously. Not the proper amount of reverence in me. But I could see a book like this one filling that same role in a life. You pull the book down and read a few pages with your lover, a little tale. And discuss what it all might mean.

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