book review: makers

I read Cory Doctorow’s Makers on the plane to China and early in my bakery hanging out time. It was the ebook version I got for free from his website and loaded onto my ereader, so it’s DRM-free.

So Makers is about these inventors who create new things and then move on. It’s sf in that it is the future and there are new technologies they use and make use of, but it’s a very recognizable near future. Some of the interesting things in the story are fatkins, a way of dealing with obesity by basically ramping up your metabolism so you need to eat 10000 calories a day. There’s a bit more to it than that. So there are these inventors and the first part of the book is them getting into business making cool shit. Then the next part of the book is about after their new economy sort of collapses in on itself, they get into the theme-park business. It’s Cory Doctorow, what can you expect. I still don’t get theme-parks but whatever.

The first part of the book is very explainy. “Here’s this neat thing and how it works and isn’t that cool?” but it gradually does build into a story that works. It’s no Little Brother, but it’s inspiring in its own way. Actually making stuff and then moving on seems like the way to run a business. Not just having your hand in the next person’s pocket. But you need to be wildly creative to do that and not everyone is.

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