an experiment

I do not own an iPad, but I handled one today. It was pretty and all, but the killer for what I think I want out of an ereader is the battery life. If I need to plug it in every day or two (like I do with my phone) it’s not worth it to me. I don’t think. That said, the idea of toting about enough books for a month long trip in one light little package is appealing. So I’m trying one out.

I got a Sony Reader 500. It’s an e-ink display thing without wireless or colour or any whistling bells. All it does is display text. My eyes aren’t bad yet so the 5″ screen is fine for me. I’ve loaded it up with about a hundred public domain books, some of which I’ve read and some I haven’t. Tomorrow I go off travelling for almost five weeks. I will be very happy if I only have to recharge the thing once, and will still consider it a success if I have to charge it twice. I have no idea what 5 weeks of reading on this thing will be like, but I’ll keep track and report.

2 thoughts on “an experiment

  1. I have an iPad. I have only done a little e-book reading on it so far. One curious (?) thing…. when I first got the iPad, and added the iBooks app, there were thousands of free books, all the public domain stuff. Now they charge $1.99 for them. I have to go to project gutenburg (using my windows pc!), download the epub format, then trick iTunes into copying them onto the iPad. It works, but why would Apple do this? They must be a capitalist corporation just like Microsoft. ( Full disclosure – I work for a capitalist software development corporation, and the iPad was paid for by the bonus I got because we made a profit.)

  2. Hey I just went back to iBooks and did a bit of checking. The free books are still there if you do a bit of digging. There are three different versions of Lord Jim, one free, one at $0.99 and one at $1.99. Now I wonder what the value add of the two non free versions is?

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