zine review: 1234v #4

This was the masturbation issue of 1234V, everyone’s favourite zine about vaginas, and it was a fine issue. There was useful information about what not to shove up your ladybits and what happens in the ER for sex-toy related mishaps. Most of the issue was confessional stories about learning to masturbate and how much the writers enjoyed masturbation and how funny-odd it is that society doesn’t really talk about it. I appreciated Sarah Michaelson’s proposal to teach masturbation in school as probably the most whimsical variation on the theme.

There was a great piece by Jo Snyder about this woman in Toronto who teaches female ejaculation classes. The (detailed!) pictures from that one are at the staple page, so they’re exactly what the zine naturally opens to. Which could be uncomfortable if you’re reading this at work or something. But such are the risks of vajournalism.

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