British Museum, London

“that’s how you make a motherfucking library”

From the.effing.librarian whose librarianing philosophy and use of profanity is something I can get behind:

Wherever you find a librarian, you’ll find a library. NOT the other way around. That’s why it always sends me into a rage when I see these stories about libraries needing to remain relevant in the digital age. Don’t worry, librarians will figure it out. Doctors don’t need hospitals to do doctoring and lawyers don’t need ambulances to do lawyering.

Whether it’s information on the web or in your phone or piled up on the floor after the undead apocalypse. Librarians will sort it out, organize it and make it available for everyone.

This is why I’m going to school in fall. It’s not for the career-trackiness of it all. I don’t especially want to become the branch head of a library, or have to play politics with administrators all day and all night. I want to know how to turn heaps of information into libraries.

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