movie review: gomorrah

What I liked best about Gomorrah was its lack of explanation. There are five or so storylines and while some of them are obviously about gangsters waving guns around, there’s also one about a tailor whose factory makes haute couture dresses. It’s not immediately obvious how it connects to the rest of everything, but it draws you along. There’s a young boy who is getting initiated into one of the gangs, and the gangsters are talking about being at war. The movie doesn’t explain who they are at war with. When a bagman tries to go over to the other side, the gangsters all look the same. They don’t even try to differentiate the clans or gangs or whatever. The movie doesn’t tell you where it’s taking place, apart from somewhere they speak Italian. Oh wait, two characters specifically go to Venice at one point, but that’s the exception. You have to travel to get somewhere with a name. Maybe if I spoke Italian I could recognize the main town as being in Sicily or wherever, but nothing is named. It’s just a stew of violence. But in a good, bleak, film.

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