book review: the carbon diaries 2015

Saci Lloyd’s book The Carbon Diaries 2015 was a good, near-future not-very-sf tale. It’s set in 2015 and the UK has begun carbon rationing in an effort to drop emissions by 60%. This changes everyone’s lives. No more air travel, no more mangoes, no more heat.

The main character is a 16 year old named Laura. She’s the bass player in a punk band and is in love with the boy next door. Her father goes survivalist, her mother pretends nothing is wrong and her sister who’s had her gap year cancelled gets the whole house into trouble.

It’s presented as a diary which kind of tones down the plottish elements. The weather is a huge part of the book, and everything everyone does is in reaction to the environment. It really is a book about people having to reshape their lives. And it’s grim.

The parents kind of behave exaggeratedly and unlike real people, but the book is in the YA category so bizarre parents make sense.

In all, a good book that I’ll be recommending to our Teen Book Club this week.

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