book review: radical simplicity

Dan Price wrote this book about living in a meadow. The book is called Radical Simplicity: Creating an Authentic Life and it was probably the wrong thing for me to be reading while packing up my apartment to move. I would like to live in a meadow, in a kind of hobbit house like Price has done.

The most interesting part of his experiments in housing (he had a tipi and a shack and a dugout cave with a skylight at various times) for me is how he wasn’t cut off from everyone. He had the place wired for electricity. Not gobs of outlets or anything but he had a line built in so he could run his photocopier which he used to make his zines. I like the idea of not being completely isolated from the world. His wife and kids lived in town and would come visit him and he would visit them. He said that when the kids were little he would keep on hoping they’d want to stay in the meadow. They didn’t. He and his wife were separated.

So yeah, I’m looking forward to living in a room in Reyn’s house for a few months. Just to get rid of the extra crap. I’m not going to be thinking about the condo corp and can just get things done. One of those things will be a paring down of the extra books in storage and the other cruft I’ve been accumulating. I hope that doesn’t sound like dipshit new-age hippie horsewank. I just feel like making some choices, for good or ill.

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