libraries to avoid working for

Selected points from LIScareer’s Characteristics of Emotionally Unhealthy Libraries

– No meetings (“We don’t have time for meetings” or “Too many meetings waste everyone’s time”)
– Too many meetings, meetings are long, and are not well facilitated
– Imposition of one person’s views on the rest of the library
– Lack of communication between divisions, lack of mechanisms for communication
– Culture is dominated by a few negative personalities that “act out” their own personal agendas or decrease staff morale.
– Complaints are ignored or are used against the staff member who complains.
– Library administration not held responsible by stakeholders
– Lack of respect for the staff by the library administration

Some day when I become a librarian I’ll sure want to avoid a workplace with any of these characteristics. Happily, at the bottom of the list are some questions to ask in interviews that might help determine what kind of work culture you’d be getting into.

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