an alternative to moral strategies

At the PZ Myers thing last night, in response to a question of how to get “from molecules to morals” he mentioned how our morals are partially a result of our environmental niche as social cooperators. That’s why we have rules against raping everyone we see. It reminded me of this bit from Roberto Bolano’s book, 2666:

“The Spaniards, who were hot-blooded and didn’t think too far ahead, mixed with the Indian women, raped them, forced them to practice their religion, and thought that meant they were turning the country white. Those Spaniards believed in a mongrel whiteness. But they overestimated their semen and that was their mistake. You just can’t rape that many people. It’s mathematically impossible. It’s too hard on the body. You get tired. Plus, they were raping from the bottom up, when what would’ve made more sense would be raping from the top down. They might have gotten some results if they’d been capable of raping their own mongrel children and then their mongrel grandchildren and even their bastard great-grandchildren. But who’s going to go out raping people when you’re seventy and you can hardly stand on your own two feet?”

So, a possible alternate explanation.

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