gonna get my button

I got my letter about the disciplinary hearing at work today. Also heard from the union guy who pointed out that they aren’t running this discipline under a grievance or the Respectful Workplace clauses in our agreement, but under Article 13 which is simply: Discipline. So I don’t get to have any witnesses, don’t actually get told what I did wrong and it’s happening at 9pm for some reason. I’ll be heading from work to a boardroom to get rubbed out maybe? Who the fuck knows. The whole thing is real goddamned ominous.

It’s actually really shitty that they’re doing it under this Discipline thing because there’s no guideline in that clause about how it’s supposed to go. So it’ll be me and four people in a room and they’re “investigating” the complaint. I’m worried that even though there’s no rule I’ve broken that they’ll just newspeak everything and I’ll get mad and everything will go wrong. Nobody will understand that they’re wrong. Or they won’t fucking care and I’ll be fired.

So I breathe in and out and remember it doesn’t fucking matter.

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